Back in the days when I was a teenager

Before I had status and before I had a pager…

Hello everyone and welcome to Coming Down, a storytelling podcast in a conversational format. Your hosts (Nathan and Matthew), along with occasional guests, will be telling each other their memoirs in an off-the-cuff unscripted style.

Many years ago, Nathan had the idea for this podcast and even recorded an episode at one point while on tour with his band. But at the time, his goal was to have a new guest as the co-host for every episode and scheduling quickly became a nightmare. So the project was quietly shelved for a long time.

Fast forward a few years to Nathan and Matthew hanging out on the front porch at their favorite bar, regaling each other with crazy stories from the wild years. All of a sudden, an idea hit Nathan like a lightning strike. “Why not have Matthew as a co-host?” He immediately voiced the idea and Matthew's mind was blown. It was as if Nathan had told him the one thing he had always wanted to do. The rest quickly became history, and you now have the fruits of their labors before you.

Your hosts will readily admit to being amateurs. The unscripted format means that, occasionally, the storyteller may have to double back to fill in a piece of backstory. Matthew might remember a joke wrong. There may even be times when these conversations wander off the rails into uncharted places. It is hoped that the journey will be worth the price of entry.

Also, due to the amateur status of the production team, there will be occasional audio bugs. There is a murder machine cleverly disguised as a very small cat who attempts to sabotage the recordings when it is least expected. You may occasionally hear an automobile, motorcycle, or children with incredibly loud voices outside because Nathan's house can be a scorching pit of boiling heat in the summer. Coughs, sniffles, cracking cans… hopefully these tiny flaws will help to make it feel as though you are there in the room with everyone. Because that is the goal.

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Above: a visual depiction of the hosts as they appear in the stories on this podcast