Episode #38

Coachella. Love it or hate it, you have almost certainly heard stories about this towering pile of bands that appears annually out in the California dust. Nathan made it his mission to get his ass out there—twice. The dude was on the front lines for the water shortages rebellion, and he can tell you firsthand that Paul Oakenfold is a total fucking joke.


Here’s the full story Nathan couldn’t even come close to remembering about the director of Waitress.

And here’s part of the ridiculous Flea and River Phoenix bass instructional video Nathan talks about.

Oh and, of course, the clip of the rubber sword from Game of Thrones.

Turns out Nathan got tons of shit wrong. First Coachella was 2001. Hieroglyphics did not play, but Del did:


Turns out Hieroglyphics played 2004 instead:


And here’s the infamous block of foam spoken of in the episode:

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